….and in the end

I was dragging the chain, sorting myself out, getting organised, checking. Even then I ended up forgetting my toothbrush! When I finally went to leave, the others had already gone except for my trusted partner in crime. We were right though, we had ebikes. We would easily ride them down.

Turns out I was right but we discovered that while I was being a malinger another of our party had exploded with enthusiasm and accidentally overshot the turn-off by miles. We found a kind farmer, who, despite his quad bike, was no match for this phenomenally fit and incredibly quick sexagenarian. Thanks to the farmer who took one of the party to where he could get reception we eventually reigned her in and we were united in our triumphal entry into the burgeoning metropolis of Omarama.

Of course this was not before maneuvering though a dark and cavernous tunnel, checking into God’s Old House for a coffee, appreciating the natural world around us and stopping to take zillions of photos along the way.

Again it has to be said that this day was not an easy ride. Every time we would get excited about the trail being ‘all downhill from here’… another hill would loom before us.

Just a bit further…

Our entry into town was through the gardens where we parked our weary bodies to gather our strength for the final assault. It was momentus!

Of course there were celebrations….

And then it was all over…

Fabulous trip with fabulous people. Thank you.