Month: September 2019

Made in Italy

It was a long day. We’re a bit old for five hour drives! Alessandro was at the house to meet us as was his brother Andrea. The ‘house’ was actually two units each composing three apartments. It was lovely. The setting was stunning. We… Continue Reading “Made in Italy”

Vexed in Vieste

‘Put them back Deb.’ ‘No, I won’t! I’ll upset someone. Someone will come.’ ‘Yeah, the police!’ ‘I don’t care!’ ‘You will if they put you in prison.’ ‘I don’t care! That’s my fifty euro!!!’ I screamed at the machine. Thieving machines at 24-hour self-service… Continue Reading “Vexed in Vieste”

Departures and Diversions

Our travels with Val had come to an end. It was wonderful to have had her with us for companionship, her knowledge of the language and the fact that she had been to many of the places before and was an excellent guide. Not… Continue Reading “Departures and Diversions”

Martina Franca and Yours Trulli

Martina Franca is a wonderful small city from which to explore the marvellous sites in the area- Locorotondo and Alberobello- for the trulli, Ostuni- the white city, and Matera for the sassi. We arrived Saturday afternoon. It was busy. This was our introduction to… Continue Reading “Martina Franca and Yours Trulli”

Driving Dinner and le Donna

We decided to drive to Santa Maria di Leuca, the small town at the end of the heel of Italy, famous for its lighthouse and where the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea merge. We walked along the promenade, ate gelato and I had a… Continue Reading “Driving Dinner and le Donna”

A Race to Slow Down

We had six days. Val had arrived the previous day and settled in. It was wonderful having company and conversation and making plans for exploring. I can’t remember what time we woke up but I’m really glad we did. We were exhausted. It wasn’t… Continue Reading “A Race to Slow Down”

Welcome to Italy

Cabin 23AAA was as upmarket as it gets on the good ship Aurelia.  We have a bed each, an ensuite, a three-course dinner and breakfast. The challenge was to find it. We dragged our luggage up and down escalators, lifts and stairs along corridors… Continue Reading “Welcome to Italy”

So Hvar…

‘You have arrived’. Google was quite clear. ‘We’re at a marina! Did you put in the right address? We’ve been past heaps of vineyards. Mind you I don’t know how they manage them. They’re almost vertical! We must have missed it.’ We walked up… Continue Reading “So Hvar…”


We arrived at a tiny jetty. I was impressed. The last time we were here it was just a rocky outcrop and we took our lives into our own hands embarking and disembarking from the little boat. We made our way to the newly… Continue Reading “Robinson”

The People you Meet!!!

The bus trip from Zardar to Split was completely amazing. I saw nothing. I learnt so much. I was entertained by a fascinating woman with such an incredible story. EK is an entrepreneur, a stylist, a consultant, a businesswoman. She began her life in… Continue Reading “The People you Meet!!!”

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