A mother, a life partner, a sister, a daughter, a grandmother, a friend.
A traveller, a teacher, a learner, a confidante, a mentor.
Bright, dull, depressed, happy, anxious, confident.
The MEAN person – I am so incredibly average that I’m exceptional.



  1. Really enjoying your blog Deb. It’s the little things that aren’t part of a plan that make travel so interesting.


  2. Hello we have try to find you on yhe beach to say you good by. We wish you a good journey with new experience
    Rémy and Françoise Meyer mm
    My phone is (0033)0622178448 If you want you can give us your phone number to have a connection with Whattsapp it would be easyer for us to send you photos


  3. Hello we forgot to say good bye. Enjoy your trip in Porto and Lisbon.
    Chloé and Laurie (duoro valley… a LONG… day…LOL)


  4. Lovely to meet you today on the flight from
    Lisbon to Edinburgh. What a inspiring and exciting adventure you are having. Hope you enjoy Scotland and the Irn Bru! Look forward to seeing your photos and reading the blog. X


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