Short day be buggered!!

This was it. This was the short day. The easy ride. We will be staying in Duntroon. That’s just 28km…it says so on the map. I saw it. I can read a map. And all downhill from here. Oh but no!!! We’re staying at Rothesay, a farm stay, just 18km outside Duntroon!! What the…

On and on and on and on..

The trail follows the Waitaki River for 15km. It’s a braided river and we were virtually riding along the riverbed. We stopped to look at the Takiroa Maori Rock Art and decided to sample the best coffee in New Zealand from a very industrious older woman who created her marvelous concoction in the back of a Combie van then had to go home and continue to make jam for the many outlets that were demanding her produce. The coffee was delicious.

This was an easy day… So we thought. Downhill.. Flat… Nah.. That was not what it turned out to be.

This is what it turned out to be.

We arrived at the tiny hamlet of Duntroon where Bill the blacksmith happily showed us around the smithie’s shop and Trevor entertained us for over an hour on the geological history if the area. Fabulous!

The road uphill to Elephant Rocks was rewarding. It was good having been instructed by Trevor and thus having some understanding of what were looking at.

We had plenty of time. It’s all downhill from here. Lies… Seems to me that all roads in New Zealand are uphill. There are simply no downhills anywhere!!!

The directions were to follow the trail to Grant’s Road, turn right, go along the gravel road for about four kilometers looking out for signs along the way, and it should be another couple of kilometers off to the right. Really?

We eventually arrived, tired, dusty, a tiny bit irritable and definitely ready for a drink. Our cottage was delightful.