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….and in the end

I was dragging the chain, sorting myself out, getting organised, checking. Even then I ended up forgetting my toothbrush! When I finally went to leave, the others had already gone except for my trusted partner in crime. We were right though, we had ebikes.… Continue Reading “….and in the end”

Short day be buggered!!

This was it. This was the short day. The easy ride. We will be staying in Duntroon. That’s just 28km…it says so on the map. I saw it. I can read a map. And all downhill from here. Oh but no!!! We’re staying at… Continue Reading “Short day be buggered!!”

You’ve got to be kidding me?

How we got this so wrong I just don’t know. Somehow we were all convinced that our next day would be an easy 24km ride. Piece of cake!!! Who read these directions anyway? How could the long day be the one right after the… Continue Reading “You’ve got to be kidding me?”

Riding the wave..

We understood that this would be a tough day. From the lodge we would ride 18km through a conservation park however the first few kilometers was virtually straight up. Not only that the track was an abomination with rocks the size of watermelons strategically… Continue Reading “Riding the wave..”


It really is difficult to update a blog when you are constantly offline (OFFL) not to mention completely exhausted OMG, Frazzled, Fatigued and Lethargic as well! The ride from Braemar Station back to Twizel followed the stunning Lake Pukaki along its Eastern shore on… Continue Reading “A2O – OFFL”

Now it’s really serious…

General confusion confronted the team. We arrived at Cycle Journeys right on time chipper and chirpy ready for our adventure. Turns out the weather was not on our side. It was wet and windy. There would be no helicopter ride over the Tasman River…… Continue Reading “Now it’s really serious…”

Four days R&R

Two cars, well there were eight of us. Pick up Greymouth drop off Queenstown. First stop – Franz Joseph. It was wet, there were holdups where the road became a single lane as it negotiated terrifying washouts and landslips. Most bridges were single lane… Continue Reading “Four days R&R”

A Tad Tired…

The ride into the wilderness up into a secluded hideaway was bound to be challenging. It was a distance of 43km gaining an evelvation of 439m. It was hard work. Of course our day needed to start with coffee. Well, it didn’t really –… Continue Reading “A Tad Tired…”

Oh Buggar!!

And we’re off…

The driver, ten bikes, an assortment of vintage athletes, a ring-in and we’re off on our first NZ ride.. The Little River Rail Trail… A taster. The concept of a trailer load of mountain bikes, a list of matching persons and a designated rail… Continue Reading “And we’re off…”

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