Road Trip: 1

A Slow Start

Mentioning the ‘timing belt’, did it. I really didn’t object at all to waiting. I had recently become familiar with what a failed ‘timing belt’ can do to a vehicle when a family member discovered just how much damage it can do. We waited. It would all work out.

Finally, we were away. The trip from the Sunshine Coast to Agnes Waters would be just over four and a half hours. John had chosen the perfect lunch spot. Just outside of Maryborough – Homewares from Everywhere sounded so intriguing. We stopped at the quaint little converted house and indulged in a cup of tea and a round of sandwiches. I know…getting old can make you appreciate the small things.

It was not quite what we imagined but lunch was perfect and the clientele eclectic. Our road trip was off to a good start.

Google maps can always be relied upon to take you on an adventure if you just key in- ‘shortest route’. We were about to go cross-country and discover all sorts of things about this area of the world.

I had no idea that the Bundaberg region provide 25% of fresh produce to the whole of Australia at certain times. I didn’t know it was the tomato and macadamia capital of Australia and I was certain surprised by the number of avocado plantations!! I had forgotten how secondary roads lost their ‘definition’ with the side markings disappearing as the road narrowed to the point where it became just silly to even put a centreline- drivers need to be reassured that it is a road and not a cycle path so best not to put anything.  

I had also forgotten what was involved in crossing a river at a ‘low level bridge’. At Cedars Creek we crossed the Burnett River over a single lane bridge. Of course, the discussion in the car was about who gave way to whom. The general rule of thumb was (once upon a time during the last century!) – the vehicle going north gave way to the vehicle travelling south, or the other way round. Fortunately, there was a sign because we couldn’t remember -not that it was an issue as we very rarely came across any traffic on this part of the trip.

We arrived at 1770 Lagoons and settled in. The weather had turned sour but our spirts were high and we treated ourselves to a scrumptious meal at Plantations, the inhouse restaurant.  

Not detered by the weather, the following day we explored the Town of 1770 and Agnes Waters, enjoying breakfast at the Getaway Cafe, sampling the wares of the Tavern, traversing the 20 degree gradient to Chinaman’s beach, stumbling into the local op-shop and cooking up a storm with the freshest and most delicious seafood obtained from the local fishermen.

A slow start is a good start.

Chinaman’s Beach

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