Catch ups…

I’m inclined to overthink, over-react and generally get a bit overwhelmed so when I organised to meet Janice for afternoon tea at the Mercato on Mayfield, I forgot to check over the txt details. I was 24hours early!!! Never mind, this is not a first for me but it is better than being 24 hours late- I’ve managed to do that too!! John did a bit of eye rolling and we just ….moved on. We caught up the next day.

The Mercato on Mayfair in one of four very different eating places around the city established by an Italian group, initially in Milan. The Mayfair rendition is basically a food hall. It is very vibrant with lots of interesting food and drinks to choose from and loads of different spaces to sit and indulge. We traded stories and enjoyed the fact that we were half a world away from our everyday lives.

There is something special about catching up with friends in London. Over twenty years ago while holidaying in the South of France we came across the most wonderful people whose two children were the same age as ours and the families just hit it off.

Paul introduced us to the vast array of European beers – particularly Belgian beers. It was memorable! Well some parts were almost memorable. We have stayed in touch with Paul and Pauline and whenever we can, meet up in the UK. This time it was a pub meal in Victoria followed by a visit to the V&A. Lots of stories and family photos shared and a wonderful afternoon catch up. So appreciative of the effort made by these two to come in to London!

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