Recollecting and reconnecting.

‘There are places I’ll remember, all my life, though some have changed…Some have gone and some remain.’ The Beatles just nailed it.

Liverpool Street station was our first port of call. Adjacent to the station is a new establishment- Eataly. Wow what a market. It is a world wide franchise of Italian produce, set up beautifully. John explored. Having worked in the East End I was keen to get back to Spitafiled Markets which was a favourite haunt. It has definitely ‘gentrified’ over the years and is now has more eating places than unique art and craft stores. Trestle tables encourage conviviality and we met an Irish couple who had come to London to study but have lost their hearts to this eclectic and vibrant city.

Replaced the coat!!!

Brick Lane and I found the place where I had bought a leather bomber jacket two decades ago so I updated. Well, I actually bought virtually the same coat in a different colour. Seems body shape continues to restricts fashion choices and it turns out I never did lose that weight and chances are that situation might continue. So..same old same old…

Wandering from Brick Lane to Boxpark, Shoreditch we found ourselves distracted by interesting shops and some great pubs. Street art in its nature is dynamic and while we found some wonderful works some were not as inspiring. Things change!

Things change!!!

‘Though I know I’ll never lose affection, For people and things that went before…’

Max and Paul organised to meet us at Taps Victoria, a delightful pub just minutes walk from our apartment. Old friends are the best of friends and twenty-one years on, we are still catching up. They took delight in being tour guides and we were chuffed to be shown the city by these inveterate Londoners.

‘I know I’ll often stop and think about them, In my life, I’ll love you more.

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