Cultural experiences..

North Berwick

One more day with the car. What should we do? Fish and chips by the sea? John did the research. North Berwick. Looks good. Off we went.

We had to return the car empty. That was a first and a bit of a challenge. We were running on empty for quite a few miles and were desperate for a servo. Finally as the red light blinked its warning we cruised into what must have been the only one off the highway in the entire borough. I had agreed at the rental/servo place to have them fill the car. The added 60 pounds to the bill. I calculated after all the driving we had done it would need about 10 but no more than 15. John put in 12 and blow me down it was over a quarter! ‘Oh did you know it was a Hybrid?’ says John. (Note to self – Next time I hire a car empty, I fill it up.)

It was a lovely drive and the choice of destination was definitely appealing. A quaint seaside village a handy commute from Edinburg – very popular. Turns out everyone else had done the research and all turned up adding to the parking nightmare.

As if it isn’t big enough- the festival had spilled into the countryside and we found the ‘Fringe by the Sea’. Despite this we wandered the streets of this cute village, eventually found a pub for sausage and mash and John had fish and chips followed by a delicious ice cream. A perfectly perfect Scottish summer outing!!!

The car drop off went without a hitch and we jumped on a bus and headed home. The nearest bus stop was close to the High Street and John decided (and I positively agreed), he needed a haircut. Well the nearest was ‘ebosbarbers’ an award winning barber. With a fair bit of encouragement he ventured it. Fabio was fabulous- put him at ease and did a job on him- head hair generally- scalp, eyebrows, nose and even showed him the Turkish way of discouraging ear hair. That was a bit daunting- a ‘burn out’ you might say.

All part of the travel experience. Next adventure….the city and it’s famed festival.

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