Well I never…

Lady Victoria Colliery – National Mining Museum Scotland

Seven minutes from where we are in Dalkieth, is the National Mining Museum – Scotland. It is housed in the restored Lady Victoria Colliery, apparently the best-preserved Victorian colliery in Europe. I have researched John’s family and his great grand uncle Archibald, who had been born in Kilmarnock had moved east and I knew he was a collier around this area. On the off chance that we might discover something about this relative, I worked hard but eventually convinced John, that he really wanted to go to a mining museum. I now know he really loves me!

The site is enormous and felt even more gargantous because it was Sunday and there were only one or two other visitors. So…the side-eyed look..must be great Deb!!! We ventured in. No we didn’t need the tour guide (Buggar..I wish we did that)… six pounds..download the interactive guide…use the QR Code…follow the yellow arrows.

Up the lift and we arrived at the gantry. We were a bit lost. There was a window. In the room beyond was a man in high-vis work gear, head thrown back, fast asleep. We looked at each other. Is he a dummy? Is he part of the tour? Is he dead? We were distracted and suddenly he was upon us. ‘Oh you haven’t booked a tour guide?’ ‘No. We have the QR code.’ The conversation took a different turn. I explained that the only reason we came to the museum was on the off chance that there might be some information on a possible relative of John’s- an Archibald Hood. ‘Oh’ he said pointing to a plaque on the wall behind us, ‘that Archibald Hood?’ We read the blurb….Umm possibly!!!! OMG!!!! How bizarre was that!!!!!

Turns out it was a good tour and of course the bonus of the Hood connection was great. I just have to confirm that I am on the right track. Therein lies hours and hours of research!!!!

We had a car for seven days. We were exploring. Day trips from Dalkieth. Falkirk was enticing.

I thought a kelpie was a dog…but no I am sort of not completely right!!!! It can be a horse… Well not quite.. In Scotland a kelpie is a mythical shape-shifting water creature that can appear on land as a horse enticing their victim to ride on their back and carry them down to a watery grave.

The Kelpies of Falkirk are the largest equine sculpture in the world. They are impressive. In the Helix Park these 30m sculptures by Andy Scott dominate this amazing space.

We were close to Stirling and Stirling Castle. Maybe we should visit. I was still having issues with my phone and Stirling had a Three shop. We decided to fix the logistics over visiting the icons. Sometimes it is a matter of priorities. So we only saw a smidgen of Stirling.

A moment in Stirling.

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