Don’t follow me…

It’s only 84km but takes so long?

According to Google maps, (OMG what would we do without Google???) Colmar to Titisee is just 84.3 kilometres so getting there by car would be a breeze, if you had a car! We are sans car this trip. So the challenge was to get there by bus and or train. We also consulted Rome2Rio which indicated we should go via Breisach.

Never heard of this place before but discovered it was a stop off for the Rhine River cruises and from there heaps of travellers would make their way to Colmar, the heart and soul of Alsace. Breisach is in Germany and on the way we passed through a French town called Neuf-Breisach and noticed the city walls. We had no idea but it looked impressive and then I Googled it…wow!!!

Nerf-Breisach…you don’t see this from the bus!!!

Anyway, we got a bus to Breisach and discovered we had to go to Freiburg anyway because the direct train to Titisee didn’t run on Sundays!!!! So off to Freiburg. Just a travel tidbit. If you are in Germany during the months of June, July and August and not in a hurry and are quite happy to take the regional trains, German Rail (DB) offer unlimited daily transport for just nine euros!! Fantastic deal! Not only that, once we got to the hotel they issued us a KONUS Guestcard, which offered unlimited transport in the region. This then allowed us free travel to Basel Bad – a German railway station in Switzerland…I know…it really gets confusing.

Titisee is a lake in the southern Black Forest and a very popular destination particularly for families. Apparently two million people a year visit this little town. It is a spa town and we visited Badparadies Schwarzwald a lovely therme on the outskirts of town. We also decided to ride to another nearby lake, Schluchsee. Looked perfectly doable.


Well of course we got lost and what should have taken us an hour took three! Sometimes my sense of direction fails me. John rolls his eyes!!! It would have been fine if not for the sheer drops and insanely narrow ledges we ended up on!!! No photos- too scared to stop!!!

It started out idyllic, riding through the Black Forest happily following a well defined path until we didn’t. We just kept going up and up and we were supposed to be riding beside the lake!! How we missed the turn I will never know.

Eventually we ended up in Schluchsee, found a cafe and had a sausage and bread with a beer. Tasted great!!! After that we decided we would take the train back to Titisee. We were tired probably more from the stress than the actual ride.

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