Guided by a Sun King

The Alsace Wine Route

It’s seriously weird when the only word you can spell correctly in French is ‘chasseur’. Still, it made it easy to find on Google Maps and we were thrilled when it was only metres away from our apartment. With John’s knee and my foot we were a pair of old hobblers and always on the lookout for short cuts.

You know you are getting really old when you have to check out the route, the destination and the personalities before you ‘buy’. Well that is sort of what we did. Colmar old town is small and Rue du Chasseur, the bike rental location, was just 350m from our address in Rue dues Marchands. We had already booked our tour but needed to see what the bikes were like and check out the ‘passionate guide’. He was divine!!! Louis…a ray of sunshine!!! We were going to be in good hands.

We met the following morning and to my delight there were just two others, Tom and Sarah from Dallas Texas. Five cyclists is a great size group. Tom hadn’t ridden since he was a kid, Sarah not for many years and John happy to meander at a relaxing pace. It was a magnificent day and we were all overcome with delight.

The little bike rental company, offered just a few tours and ebike rentals. It was an absolutely fabulous day. We explored Colmar first and discovered lots of information about the buildings and places we had seen and then through the beautiful Alsace countryside to the lovely village of Eguisheim. Highly recommend a bike ride through this beautiful part of the world.

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