D to C via B…

The flight Copenhagen to Basel was running almost on time. The airport was crowded. There was a general rumour perpetrated by the media that flights would be cancelled and there was an air of uncertainty and trepidation.

I know there was a reason for buying extra luggage and the seats at the front but then I forgot why. It was comfortable. John had an aisle and I had a window and we got to meet Jacob.

He majored in Danish literature and mythology and was a wealth of knowledge and eager to share. I learned about the oldest kingdom in Europe, the oldest flag and some of the misconceptions about this ancient Scandinavian kingdom. Apparently the word ‘Viking’ is a verb! Now doesn’t that put a whole new slant on things?

Jacob is also an author, a tattooist, a sailor and an entrepreneur. His stories entertained and amused and suddenly our trip was over. We met his sister and his tennis coach and he assisted us with purchasing bus tickets for Basel where we would then get information for the train to Colmar.

We were delayed in Basel trying to get tickets- who knew there was a French side and a Swiss side at the railway station too. I knew the airport was built in France by the Swiss and they shared access but in Basel? Anyhow that is the way it is.

Regardless we were late and missed the key pick-up. After a couple of txts we were to pick up the key at the shop across the road. The owner’s name was Youri. Got it!!! It worked. We were in! Time to eat.

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