Copenhagen highlights

The Harbour City – Cruise and Dipping Pool: Of course one of the best ways to see the city is from the water and well informed by Erik, we revisited quite a few spots we had seen on the bikes and it made it all the more meaningful.

Just across from the hotel was a Dipping Pool – a swimming area. It was extremely popular so not one to miss out I decided that I could tolerate the cold water of the Baltic once again. It wasn’t too bad, around 20 degrees and brackish and lovely on the skin. Great dip!

Louisiana and the Glyptotek are major museums and while we had the Copenhagen Card we decided to visit both on our last day. Not a clever idea – we were tired. The location of the Louisiana is sensational.

Tivoli and the Sky Flyer. After a delicious smorrebrod and a beer, we headed into the Tivoli Gardens. It is delightful. It was Tuesday and the school holidays had started. Hundreds of families, teenagers and even old people like us were enjoying the warm summer evening. I decided I had to have a go at the Sky Flyer. It was a hoot.

There is so much to explore in this city. Five nights was just enough to give us a tiny taste of this amazingly complex cosmopolitan metropolis.

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