A taste of Danish..

It’s always good to walk around a city to get the sense of the place. John remembers the Stroget from thirty years ago. Seriously, who does that? Anyway it is a very long pedestrian street starting at City Hall and ending at Nyhavn. Pronouncing these words is fun. The best I can describe is Stroget = Stollll and Nyhavn = Noohoun. Luckily, it seems that all Danes are bilingual. We had no trouble finding places but definitely caused some consternation and then amusement at our attempts at the language.

A significant pedestrian street.

We completed a circuit from our hotel to City Hall down the Stroget to Nyhavn where we lunched then back by the Harbour, entertained by some student antics along the way.

Rent a truck. Get some friends. Drink a lot and make some noise!!!
SCHOOLIES Scandinavian style!!!!

In Copenhagen, the bicycle rules! Cars, trucks and pedestrians give way to bikes. It is imperative that you look out for bikes. It seems appropriate to start the Tour de France in the bicycle city. They do three days in Denmark and then off to France. Public transport is also very well used and in a city with a population of just over 600 000 it has very efficient bus, train and metro services. A very liveable city!

It was Saturday. It was hot. It was the ‘Dipping pool’. Let’s get wet!!!! This was directly across from our hotel. So entertaining!!!

Let’s face it, Denmark is expensive. We paid $9 for a cappuccino at the Glyptotek! So, working out if the Copenhagen card was worth it was very important. We decided it was and bought a 72 hour pass. Next which 72 hours? Of course we got it wrong but then ..we made a couple of Welsh people very happy!!!

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