Delayed gratification

It takes a gifted traveller to turn a 2 hour train trip and a 30 min flight into a 15 hour saga!!! We left Skagen at 10:30 and were eventually bedded by 1:30 AM the following morning.

It started with an uneventful train trip to Aalborg where we had to fill in a couple of hours. Or so we thought. We were incredibly lucky to score a locker at the station and headed for lunch..Cafe Luna where we shared sliders and fries. Scrumptious!!

Next the harbour and the Utzon Centre. Of course I expected more but the area was pumping because there was some sort of sports tech expo…umm right up my alley. The tall ships, the fantastic location and the beer swilling locals definitively seduced.

Tall ships in Aalborg harbour.

We were tired. Really tired. Then I read the email. Flight cancelled. Attempts were being made to find another. WTF!!!Venom and vacuous verbage filled the space until a follow up email confirmed an 8 o’clock flight. We arrived at the airport two hours early for our original flight at 17:45 and then further delays… 8:20 then 8:50. Ahhhhh!!!!

Aalborg airport- our home for 5 hours.

It was actually darkish when we arrived and considering the sun set about 10:30, that was late. Of course we had to find the bus stop, the right bus, the right direction. Did I mention we were tired?

It was about 11:30 when we finally arrived at the hotel and were given our room. It was a sauna! The hallway was cooler. The hotel had just opened. There were teething problems. Cantankerous crone couldn’t give a rat’s!!! Wizened warrior stood his ground. ‘But there are no other rooms!’ Nah… ‘We can organise something tomorrow!’ Nah… ‘We will have the technician look at it.’ Nah…

He beat them down. At 1:30am we were shown into a lovely room, with air-conditioning, sensational view, bath tub and a little sitting area. Ok welcome to Copenhagen.

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