It really is difficult to update a blog when you are constantly offline (OFFL) not to mention completely exhausted OMG, Frazzled, Fatigued and Lethargic as well!

The ride from Braemar Station back to Twizel followed the stunning Lake Pukaki along its Eastern shore on a gravel logging track. It was rough and we were buffeted by 50 knot winds. It was tough. Then just as we got to the bitumen, the road rose up and up, and the rain set in. We donned our rain gear and persevered.

It didn’t rain for long and soon we were crossing the Pukaki Flats.

All up we rode just over 40k and arrived mid afternoon back at Twizel. The first thing I did was go to the general store and buy a fluro vest. I had not felt at all safe dressed in dark colors on the road in the rain. Best buy!!!

We made our own arrangements for dinner and organised breakfast and lunches for the following day, a 38km ride from Twizel to Lake Ohau Lodge.

This ride was awesome. It was mostly flat and a lot of the 38km was on sealed roads with little or no traffic. We rode beside a massive canal with salmon farms, over the Ohau Weir and meandered beside Lake Ohau on the gravel section, where we stopped to lunch and met some locals who had decided to go for a walk. We have found all the people we have come across happy to have a chat and make us feel very welcome.

Arrival at Lake Ohau Lodge and the crew followed their usual routine of showering, washing their clothes, finding a place to dry them and then locating a drink. Ahh another day down…