Riding the wave..

We understood that this would be a tough day. From the lodge we would ride 18km through a conservation park however the first few kilometers was virtually straight up. Not only that the track was an abomination with rocks the size of watermelons strategically placed by trolls from Mordor to trip you up and toss you off your bike. It was a nightmare.

We reached the high point and we were all whole. What an achievement! We were so chuffed and I have to admit in awe of the four strong, fit and courageous riders who did this ride on pedal power. I decided then and there I was completely besotted with my e-bike and indebted to it.

Going up was hard. Coming down was terrifying. The terrain was rocky, winding and with lots of surprises, such as hidden water-logged washouts, tiny ledges to ride along, beside stomach clenching vertical drops to oblivion, hidden tracks shadowed by high grass, bone shuddering descents at mind numbing speeds where you just had to hang in there and hope Gandalf’s magic will see you to the other end.

The rolling decent finishes at an historic woolshed, inspection of which was simply an excuse for a group of highly charged, adrenaline soaked old people to regather their thoughts and consider what they had just achieved. We were all very nonplussed!

We found a beautiful stream, sat and had our lunches then continued our ride to Omarama.

We were all quietly very chuffed with ourselves.