We met Gino in the Club room. A global citizen – born and raised in Italy, lives in the Isle of Wight, works in France (sometimes in Australia) and travels widely. A warm and generous character, we traded stories and discovered he was from Ascoli Piceno which sounded so marvellous we have included it in our Italian itinerary later in the year.

The concierge recommended a place to eat. The challenge was to find Hawker Chan’s Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice Noodle. I think this is the longest name for a restaurant I have ever come across. It was at126, 335 Smith Street, Stall 02, Singapore. We walked up and down Smith Street looking for a hawker stall. Our mistake- maybe we should not have asked other hawkers. They feigned ignorance. We discovered it was actually a shop. Mr Chan has moved up in the world since he got his Michelin star. This is the cheapest Michelin starred food in the world. I enjoyed my selection, but John said his was cold and not particularly good. It’s fast food and it’s cheap.

Time for an afternoon drink. MBS (Marina Bay Sands-local vernacular) has a bar on the top. Our choice was to pay $22 each to go up to the bar for a drink where the price of the tickets was deducted from your liquor bill or $20 each to walk all the way round the outskirts of the top platform. We were thirsty. This was a no-brainer. We took the lift to the bar and found a spot out of the sun. It was hot, the drink cold and the view- amazing.

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