By the Bay

I thought the Botanic Gardens were amazing then we went to the Gardens by the Bay. Like Central Park NY, they are totally planned and constructed by humans. They are huge and they are spectacular. We took a shuttle. It is 110 hectares!! It’s big! The Flower Dome, 1.2ha under glass with gardens displaying plants from the Mediterranean, semi-arid and sub-tropical regions, such as Australia and South America with a centre section that changes regularly. This month a Dutch exhibition- Tulipmania. What surprised me the most was that this massive space was air-conditioned!!! Delightful!

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The Cloud Forest was next with its 16-metre waterfall and spectacular selection of ferns, epiphytes, carnivorous and endangered plants. Again, under an enormous air-conditioned dome. The theme was the human impact on our planet and what we can do to reverse the situation. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Back on the MRT and a quick stop at Chinatown for a bite to eat-delicious. We ordered a beer each not realising they were 600mL bottles. We decided to share one at a time.


Back to the hotel for a bit of a rest then off again in the evening. We had been told to view the Spectar- Light and Sound Show from 1 Fullerton- across the bay. We were initially looking to have a drink but the food and the PS. Cafe looked just too inviting.

We didn’t see the eight o’clock show but we wandered along the promenade in search of the Merlion which unfortunately was being renovated just as Raffles was, so icons we missed, but our view of the nine o’clock light show was excellent. Initially I thought it was a bit of a letdown. We couldn’t hear the music and the holograms were not visible from this side of the bay but when the laser lights from the Marina Bay Sands and the buildings around the bay began to light up, we understood. Wow!!!

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