A Singapore Fling

It was an email. I had points. Use them or lose them. OK where can we go? Singapore! Why not?

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Transit time…before the break of day shadowing the quiet. Seems we often find ourselves in this ghostly realm as travellers. Nine am seemed so civilised, that is, until you factor in –  the preparations to leave, the trip to the airport and the three-hour recommended arrival before departure. I glanced at the clock as I pulled the door closed, 5:22 – we should be right.

Mist suspended, car lights snake and B-doubles intimidate.

We arrive and we are just minutes off our negotiated time. Brilliant. And then of course the fork in the road, the two-part option departures or four other words one of which was parking but my brain had not had enough rest and it knew we were going somewhere so naturally I made the wrong choice- Departures-  and almost ended back in the city. Genius navigation by my co-conspirator and we weave and wheel our way back to the split and make the right choice this time- Valet Parking. Explanation ‘valet parking’ so foreign to me naturally I missed this the first time. Fortunately, ‘valet parking’ means someone else finds the park and you only walk a couple of metres to the departure lounge.

Oh yes …a moment… The valet was lovely and checked in the car seamlessly. He enquired as to whether or not we had booked a car wash. (OK some might think he was being facetious, but he wasn’t- It had recently rained!) Anyhow, no, we hadn’t but I was curious to know how much. He looked startled. ‘Way too much!” he whispered as he surreptitiously allowed me to glance at his running sheet with the outrageous prices. We nodded at each other knowingly and left it at that.

Check-in, security and passport control all out of the road and time to grab a bit of breakfast. Seriously, airport bites are ridiculous. We relished every morsel.

Cattle class and the taxing part of the journey begins. We had initially booked alternate A C seats hoping that B would just not exist or all the single people might stay home but no, that was not to be. Given the option we decided to move deeper into the plane and take aisle seats one behind the other. It was alright.

Fed and watered I sat back and thought about what to do next.  Small skirmishes break out as the lights dim and passengers steel themselves to maintain their ground as seats recline. Some acquiesce, others cross their legs and puncture the chair in front with their knee while others are simply oblivious to the struggle for personal territory.

I’m always interested to see how others use their time. More than ninety percent are focussed on the little screen in front. I have watched ‘The Green Book’ (very good) and now settled into playing on my laptop and reading the subtitles of the movie the man diagonally across from me is watching. ‘Transformers’. I recommend just watching this movie for the dialog. Seriously!!! It is hilarious!!! The man across the aisle is using the blanket as a shroud. He snores. Loudly!

Time to chill.

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