The Paros Paradox (Part 2)

So the drop off at Paros airport and we are off on stage two.

The last four days on Paros we spent at Glyfa Village Luxury Apartments, and I am sure that when blue porcelain bathroom vanities were de rigueur they most certainly were-luxury – but this century? And I have just one other issue with I think it is really hard to justify giving 9 or above to any Greek Island establishment given that guests are still required to place used toilet paper in a bin beside the toilet bowl. Seriously? Plumbing has to have had technological advances since our first visit in 1992? Surely.

Despite this, our accommodation was incredibly spacious, sparkling clean, serviced daily, included a substantial breakfast and a sensational view of the Aegean.

It was an isolated spot on the south of the island with a beach shack which was the local taverna, a lovely restaurant set in a substantial vegetable garden and a very private and beautiful pebble beach. The night sky was glorious as we were quite remote – well as remote as you can get on a small Greek island.

Also we were able to get Fox TV so John was thrilled to watch the Qld victory in the final of the Origin.

We returned to Antiparos to continue exploring- we had to check out a photographic exhibition too.

John had found another amazing restaurant he wanted to take me to. We noticed the comings and goings of some tour boats and John said that the island we could see was Despotica and it was deserted. We joined the tour.


The access was seriously primitive, and the fact that there were about ten rush covered umbrellas, a pegola with heavy duty sun shade protecting a cluster of sunbeds and a stack of arbitrary plastic chairs and absolutely nothing else, confused and amused us. We were a group of fifteen humans on an island – alone! This is bizarre!!! We are in the Cyclades! There are hundreds of thousands of tourists here. It was fabulous.

And when the boat returned and picked us up and plied us with watermelon and grappa we were taken into secret caves and coves and then a magic inlet where we were given the opportunity to frolic in the pristine waters of Antiparos. We indulged!!

The rumble of spinners dragged over the cobbles reminded me that our time on Paros was complete. Next we head to Mykonos- the boisterous island.




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