IMG_3599Well, here we are in Santa Teresa Gallura. We are not supposed to be in a hotel here, but, as fate would have it, we are.

So… it all started when we couldn’t get a taxi. It is not a long walk from the hotel to the port at La Maddalena but I really don’t want to destroy my rollers on the cobblestones so we had the reception call a cab. Nah…apparently there was a very big party on the island which didn’t finish until five so no cabbie was going to pick up. It was Shank’s Pony again. Fortunately, it was windy and quite cool so the walk to the port was nowhere near as excruciating as our arrival.

We made it. We were going to catch the 8:45 ferry! Bargain!!

So, John, where is the return ticket?

 You have it.

No. I remember throwing away the first part when we arrived. I’m sure you have it.

John is always so organised and careful when it comes to important stuff like this so I even give him my passport. I wouldn’t lose it or anything I would just place it somewhere safe and then forget where that was and panic for half an hour until I found it.  I was pretty convinced he had it. He thought I did because he couldn’t find it so logically I had it.

The port arrangement is similar to the Greek ferries and so there we were, foot-passengers, lined up ahead of the cars, digging around in our luggage frantically looking for the return ticket. The ferry arrived. Cars were disgorged and sucked in. John decided to ask if we could find our ticket on board. Ha…fat chance, I thought.

I was wrong. Not a rare occurrence. There was a trade though. John had to hand over his passport. OMG what a motivation to find that ticket. So there we were in the cargo area of the ship rifling through our belongings. I always find opening my bag in public so exposing and uncomfortable. Anyhow, we did find it. John had it. Ha…so…I was right!! Not that I would ever rub it in or anything like that.

The crossing was only twenty minutes and the next step was to get a bus to Santa Teresa. That all worked out well and for the grand sum of five Euro we were on our way.

It’s just forty minutes to this port where we were to take a ferry to Bonifacio but the travel gods must not have been happy. Turns out the wind was so bad no boats were leaving the harbour for Corsica. We were stuck. Hopefully, the wind dies down and we go tomorrow.

We did see some wonderful human dramas while we were waiting in the harbour ticket office. Very entertaining- Especially one Mercedes driving German woman who was totally horrified that her holiday could possibly be disrupted, but to be fair her frustration reached its zenith when she discovered not only were the boats not going today but all the spaces with both crossing companies were fully booked for tomorrow. Her demeanour was such every living thing within a ten-metre radius felt her ire and shuddered with apprehension. Her silent screaming was palpable. As I said- entertaining.

 Next issue..where are we going to stay and how are we going to get there? I asked a security man who spoke English where I could get a taxi. He was excellent. He got us a taxi (I think he was an Uber Driver friend) and the taxi driver who did not speak English found us a hotel. It is a bit flash but who’s complaining?

It turned out that Santa Teresa town centre was just a ten minute walk and was a lively beach town. We found the square and enjoyed an afternoon aperatiff and later a delicicious meal. 
Sardinia has been interesting with fiery heat, cyclonic ferry stopping winds and totally entertaining fellow tourists. Well, our adventures continue.

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