It was a sensationally beautiful day. We had to do something outdoors. It seemed like a good idea at the time-A hike to Arthur’s Seat. I really didn’t have a clue where it was, but it sounded OK and Sue was keen so…I didn’t even look at Google. I just went along like a bit of a patsy. It started quite well. That is until about the end of the street. Even our street is uphill to everything. Anyhow, I persisted. I never complained, at any stage even if Sue’s recollection is slightly different. We climbed and we climbed and we climbed and that was just through the streets of Edinburgh then we reached Hollyrood Park and then we began to climb in earnest. My silence was palpable…or that could have been the palpitations ringing in my ears as I heaved my old and heavy body up thousands of metres! We didn’t quite make it. The summit was just out of reach. I had had enough, and Sue decided that the view was reasonable. Reasonable? We could see forever!!! On the way down Sue suggested we deserved a drink. I was so exhausted and obviously partially out of my mind because she said, that I said, I was too tired to have a drink. I find that improbable! We did get a bus from Hollyrood Park back to Scott’s monument where we found tourists and locals enjoying the sunshine and a pint or two, so we joined them. 

The day was still a pup ,so we took it home and gave it a rest. Fortunately, we had booked the Conan Doyle for dinner at six. It was a lovely traditional pub with great food and while they boasted an eclectic range of real ales, Sue and I stuck to the Guinness. I had Stovies which is a traditional Scottish dish of beef, vegetables and potatoes served with crusty bread greens and carrots. Oh,so Irish stew? I asked. Well yes said the waitress – our version. Sue had Grilled Fillet of Salmon on chargrilled peppers that she drooled over. The sweetest she had ever tasted!!!

We are here doing some Family History and we had booked a research place at the General Register House for the day which is a stunning purpose built building circa 1774. There, we were ensconced for the day. I had a little bit of luck but Sue’s search was unrewarding, despite that we both enjoyed the experience and the interaction with the wonderful staff.

We decided we needed to explore our immediate vicinity. Hart Street runs parallel to Broughton Street which I discovered when I googled it as ‘Tucked away on a gentle slope near the east end of Princes Street is a lovely road, packed full with an eclectic mix of unique shops and restaurants. Edinburgh’s Broughton Street, somewhat off the beaten track, has long been associated with a bohemian, arty vibe and still has a relaxed, friendly and community feel.’ And right at it’s heart is the Broughton Pub. We dropped in for a drink. Sue had a half pint of Guinness and I tried my first dram of Scotch. It was delicious and just to add to our positive experience it turns out the olives were gratis. Not sure if they were meant to be but…

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