Expect the Unexpected

The eight-thirty flight was a good idea. It meant we should arrive Christchurch mid afternoon with plenty of daylight left to do some exploring.
Individuals arrived, checked in, discovered each other and eventually assembled into the travel group. It was all going swimmingly.
We boarded, taxied out, did the checks and discovered all was not as it should be. Better to discover it now than half way across the ditch!We taxied back disembarked and prepared for a long wait.
Luckily just three hours and another aircraft later we were in the air and on our way. Our NZ trip had begun.
It’s a whole new perspective when you don’t do the planning and you really have no idea of what to expect. The Christchurch YMCA is excellent. We had twin accommodation with ensuite in spatious clean rooms. Great start.

We met in the bar for drinks then walked through the Botanical Gardens to Hagley Park to the Noodle Markets which came complete with live music.

Maybe because we had all been up since before the crack of dawn or maybe because we all qualify as, shall we say, “vintage” it was agreed that we head back and call it a night.
Unfortunately a few hours later my roommate discovered how many decibels I could achieve with my nocturnal nasal nuances. The following day she found a new roommate and we would soon discover if my new friend was as sound a sleeper as she believed she was.

She is…
Day two and one of our company took on the role of tour guide and walked us around the lovely garden city.

Our day was completed with a delicious meal at the Pegasus Pub, a meet up with the tour company contact person, a welcome to another who would join the group and a little bit of Irish mucic to boot.