According to Google.. wanderlust is a natural phenomenon – apparently researchers have identified a specific wanderlust gene called DRD4-7R which is associated with the dopamine levels in the brain. So, we go wandering simply because it feels good.

Much of the fun of the adventure is in the planning. Have you considered all contingencies? What is Plan B? What have you forgotten? As put so eloquently by Dr Frank N Furter… we shiver with an…tici…..……………..pation!!!!!

The plan.. Well the internet is such an incredible tool. We can organise flights, destinations, accommodations, and experiences. Almost any destination can be Googled, and You Tubed. Does this enabling, reduce the wanderlust? Well that depends. Vicarious travelling is only fun up to a point!

After the where, is the when. Summer is wonderful. People are happy, there
are festivals, events, music and most of the seasonal transport runs. So, we
are off to Austria, Norther Italy and Croatia in August and with the hope that
the crowds have dissipated and the weather is mild, Puglia in September. Apparently, the buses to Rocca Vecchia do not run in September!!! Um…already a plan B. 

We hope to discover more of the mysteries of the Ötzi Man, chill
in Mali Losinj, enjoy the Greeting to the Sun in Zadar, maybe see a performance
at the oldest public theatre in Europe and discover what secretes Southern
Italy has in store for us.

But now it’s time to check off the last of the lists, get some sleep and steel myself for the joys of long distance flying. So here’s to new places…new people …. and new experiences. 

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