Premature anticipation

IMG_9906Only four more sleeps and although I have done this a few times before, I am still excited about our upcoming travels to Europe. How many times can you check details before it all gets to be a bit ho-hum? Well I’m testing it. I’ve checked and checked!! I have been a bit OCD about this trip. I mean there are decisions to make about everything. Which bag? Do I take a backpack? A handbag? London weather is so unpredictable, which coat? An umbrella? A rain jacket? Now which lipstick? Seriously, I have how many?

All was going well when just three sleeps to go I contracted such a nasty cold initially I thought I had the dreaded lurgy. While John had decided to get the flu injection I had declined. As I struggled to get out of bed and complete the jobs that I had set for myself, I wondered if I would regret that decision. Eventually I had to seek medical assistance and drugs. I would be right, well, at least if the ear drum didn’t perforate on take off or landing. Cross fingers!!!

Fortuitously friends were returning from Europe at the same time as we were departing so we were able to drive to the airport and give them our car to return home. It was so easy.

Our flight saw us arrive in Changi airport at six in the morning. We often have a swim but this time we had arrived well before the pool actually opened so that was not an option. Neither of us had slept well and we won’t be choosing a midnight flight any time soon. By nine we were back in the air for the twelve-hour forty-five minute flight to London Heathrow. It was taxing. We are not as thin or flexible as we once were and even Premium Economy fails to give us the comfort that sexagenarians really need.

John and I at Changi Airport.
I inadvertently took Molly’s photo- the blonde with the pony-tail!!!

Then we met Molly. Molly is a receptionist at a pole-dancing studio in Melbourne and was on her first trip to Europe. We met in the Boarder Control queue and chatted about her upcoming trip. Stereotypical Aussie lass- confident, competent, cheerful and just that bit ditzy to make her totally enchanting. After our long chat in line, we said our goodbyes and each went our separate ways to collect baggage and make our way to the exit and on to the tube. As fate would have it we ran into her again on the tube platform. Go figure!!! We settled back into our conversation as long-standing friends as only you do as Aussie strangers meet on the other side of the world.

Our adventure begins.

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