But First the Wine

So next stop LÍsle sur la Sourge and we have one whole week! But first- the wine. John had done some research and was very keen to explore Chateau La Coste not only as a fine example of Provence wine but most importantly the architecture and the sculpture garden.

Entrance – Tadao Ando

We arrived early and proceeded to traipse through the gardens and vineyards following the self-guided tour/map we had been given. We were told to allow an hour and a half and soon after that, there would be a wine tour and tasting. We needed to take that particular tour as it was in English. Tasting can be in any language. I will always get that!!!

The map came with explanatory notes for each of the sculptures. We were totally engrossed and suddenly realised that there was no way we were going to get through all the sculptures. We had to be selective but it was so difficult as they were all really wonderful. Despite that, we did see some spectacular sculptures and were able to interact with them and other adults who always behave like kids in a lolly shop when it comes to exploring interesting and beguiling three-dimensional objects set in such natural settings.

To add to my particular experience in ‘the nature’ I did befriend an Irish Wolf Hound and was stung by a Horse Fly- a Tabanidae- which hurt like hell and actually drew blood.

So I was seriously ready for the tasting. Much to my chagrin, I had to endure a tour first. But then we met our tour guide. He was an Adonis. Fortunately, I have done a number of wine tours so I probably would have passed the test but really he was awfully distracting.   The one fact I do remember was that rosé wines produced in Provence are always dry and there are none that are sweet. In fact, it is forbidden to produce a sweet rosé in Provence. So I really was listening.

We bought a bottle of rosé, had a wonderful lunch in the garden and headed to our new home for the next week.

Driving into LÍsle sur la Sorgue, was a bit vexing. It was a Saturday afternoon and the place was crawling with people and our GPS kept directing us into an extremely narrow street, obviously meant for pedestrians. Went up and down the main street a number of times but finally acquiesced and headed to the car park. We understood we would have to park about 150m away, behind the Post Office. Our host had given us pretty good directions, we just misinterpreted them. The apartment was in the centre of town. Using the phone again we finally found the entrance door hidden behind the merchandise displays belonging to the little shop on the ground floor. Of course, we were on the top floor!! At least we only had to drag our luggage up once and not have to worry about it for the next seven days!


The apartment was beautiful and the location was amazing. We quickly unpacked and headed out to stock the larder and organise dinner. This was going to be a great week but first, let’s get some wine.

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