Vivid recollections


Enlightning!!The Sydney festival of light, design and ideas. What a treat! The point of this excursion was to re-indulge in a bit of city life take in a night cruise and show and see what Vivid was all about. The best bit about this festival was watching everyone’s reactions particularly children.

Lighting Up at Vivid
Lighting Up at Vivid
There was so much to do and see. Circular Quay was the centre of the nightly shows with the Opera House and surrounding buildings being illuminated.
Sydney MoCA
Sydney MoCA
IMG_0976resizedWe thoroughly enjoyed our Canon experience where we were given a 700D camera for the excursion, taken to a variety of sights and shown (by a professional) how to take amazing photos and then we were able to print out our favourites and then keep the SD card!!! Loved it!!!
Of course the light shows were nightly events and we had daylight to enjoy as well.
North Head - Manly Bike Tour
North Head – Manly BikeTour

Our first destination was a harbour cruise to the east. We stepped off the ferry. walked just a few metres to Manly Bike Tours, hired our bicycles and headed for North Head. It was a terrific ride and when we came back into the town we rode to Shelley Beach and along the esplanade. We did this easily and within the three-hour hire time that we had decided upon. Great fun.
Indigo Double Bay
Indigo Double Bay

The harbour is divine and we took a ferry to Watson’s Bay before working out that it would take hours before we could catch the ferry back so stayed on and got off at Double Bay. It had plenty to explore and we indulged in street food of a different nature.

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