The main thing is to make one and stick to it.

Decision 1: going to Europe 2014
Decision 2: aim at travelling light
Decision 3: avoid some of the peak season
Decision 4: travel August September

Have a plan. Know where you want to go.

If we arrive in middle Europe and travel south it will be warm most of the time. We’ll be able to just have carry-on. Munich was wonderful, let’s do that again and go to Therme Erding. Great start to a holiday. Croatia is always wonderful and there is so much to discover. Have to see the sea organ at Zardar. Greece- warm and affordable. OK so we fly into Munich and out of Athens.
That’s a plan.

So we went to the travel agent and came home with return flights to Vienna and a stopover in Bangkok on the way home.
What the… Exactly how did that happen?

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