Trip to Bern

It was important that Jennifer came too and Pierre Alain needed to go and see his brother who was in hospital and Jennifer wanted to see the bears and her uncle, so it was decided we would go together. We arrived at about mid-day and spent some time observing the bears, taking photos and marvelling at the old buildings.IMG_0068

We wandered through the old town taking more photos and discovering that there is quite a lot of Bern underground. We found a quaint little restaurant which had rosti on the menu that John was keen to try. When we walked in we discovered that the restaurant went on and on. It was incredible. John did have rosti which he said was delicious and I had schnitzel. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the company.IMG_0085

Afterwards Pierre-Alain and Jen went off and we had a couple of hours to wander around and explore Bern. John has a penchant for seeking out and finding the most amazing book stores and sure enough we found one which was an intricate maze. We had coffee and cake in a cosy little nook before continuing our explorations. Suddenly John panicked. He had lost his backpack! He raced back to the coffee shop, up the stairs two at a time to be greeted by the maître de with a knowing look and a smart comment about a bomb in the bag. He heaved a sigh of relief and expressed his gratitude. All was good again.  We coordinated our efforts brilliantly and met up later and did a Cook’s tour on the way back to Aigle.  All in all a very satisfying day.DSC00466_edited-1

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