Well time just flies when you are having fun. Actually it seems to fly when you just have so much to do. We are off again and this time we are zigzagging across Europe for ohh…about twenty weeks!!! What were we thinking!!!! I have decided to post our itinerary here so friends and family can have a look and I also need to learn how to create a blog. You never know someone might want us to do an itinerary for them. John has ideas galore and I just love the logistics so we make a pretty good team.
These last couple of weeks are all about checking, checking and rechecking. Flights, accommodation, how to get to our accommodation, rail journeys and of course travel documents- visas, passports, tickets, credit cards, insurance stuff, driver’s licence and a copy of everything you think you might need all in a precious little black book. Oh and of course travel guides. I am tossing up as to whether or not to take my Eyewitness Top 10 city guides for St Petersburg, Berlin, London and Paris. They are just so great to have in your bag with maps and metro maps and information on hand. It is still hard to do without paper. Oh and of course do you take a phrase book? We are going to be in Germany for a few weeks and French speaking Switzerland and Belgium for two months…umm, just not sure. Will pack and then see.
As I am learning I can imagine the first few posts could be a little messy. Bear with me. I am bound to improve.


  1. Can’t you get Eyewitness Top 10 city guides for St Petersburg, Berlin, London and Parisonto your Kindle or Johns Ipad. I would think either would be just as easy to move around with.


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