Secret Women’s

There comes a time in one’s working life when the people around us move on. Of course sometimes that is an occasion for rejoicing but other times it is not and one is left with that empty feeling where you just know that those wonderful people with whom you have shared your soul are about to become those that you refer to as ..”oh yes I remember her. She was just wonderful. …”

Well if your group of friends has a catalyst and that catalyst is a dynamo well you have Buckley’s and none of escaping. She will track you down and you will come and you wll enjoy yourself. We definitely need friends like that. The glue of our community, the one who always sees the positive in everything. I mean really everything. L…get a grip!!! Don’t be so nice! Well, she is nice but never cross her as she is a force to be reckoned with.

Well what is Secret Women’s? It is an excuse. It is a reason to gather and gossip and guffaw and drink and eat and just enjoy one another’s company. Not that we really need an excuse but having nonmenclature alludes to significance, gravity  and seriousness .  We are not just about eating and drinking- we are in the business of being women, and that is not something to be taken lightly.  Laughter and friendship are never matters to be taken lightly.

It has been more than ten years since our first ‘Secret Women’s Business’ and our lives have changed. We have travelled to different parts of the planet, for work and leisure, we have taken on different challenges in our fields. We have faced adversity in a myriad of different ways. Our children have grown up-some to school, others to high school, some have gone off to university, some taken partners and made lives for themselves. A few of us have found the joys of grandchildren and others the joy of retirement. Our group has expanded and contracted. We have diverse interests, ambitions and dreams but the fact that we are women and the fact that we respect each other gives us an opportunity to be together on terms that really underscore the nature of egalitarianism.

It is a joy and an honour to know these women and my hope is that we can continue meeting for many years to come.

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