She is on her way!!!

To go or not to go that is the question. A call last Friday had me in a tizz. My pregnant daughter describes a situation where she is obviously in the first stages of labour-the latent phase. I found this description – generally, this stage is the longest and the least painful part of labour.  Yes, I agree, it does go from ‘ouch! to OMG!!! The cervix can thin out over weeks, days or hours and be accompanied by mild contractions. The contractions may be regularly or irregularly spaced, or else you might not even notice them at all. Great, so do I drive an hour to catch a plane that will take an hour and a half to deposit me two hours from where I need to go or do I sit tight and wait until I get a call closer to the ‘due’ date and then travel the five hours to be there for her and her family? Oh the dilemma our daughters draw us into!!!

It is an interesting situation to be able to create panic and pandemonium  days before you are even born!! I have a feeling we are about to welcome into the world a delightful darling with a crafty capacity to create comical chaos.

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