Wake-up Call

Hi from Dubrovnik
We are currently sitting in an Irish pub off the main square in Dubrovnik “Karaka Irish Pub”, waiting for the State of Origin game. There are five screens to choose from. They have an advertisement on a board outside so we are expecting a few more people to turn up.
Our day has had an unbelievable start. We were in Rome staying at an amazing hotel, brilliantly located, very reasonable, great breakfasts where everything was going swimmingly…. and then….our 4:30am wake up call just didn’t happen. The shuttle bus was to leave at 0510. John shouted at me that it was 0505. Panic and pandemonium pervaded!!!!! Fortunately we had packed last night. John was up and out the door in less than three minutes. I staggered mindlessly throwing on clothes, giving the room a cursory glance and trundelling out the door- no time to hand in the key, no time to close up, hoping we haven’t forgotten anything.
I made an enormous noise dragging my case down the marble steps, determined to wake as many people as possible and demonstrate my annoyance. I popped into reception and scathingly asked about our ‘wake-up call’. I was so furious!!!! My mind was racing trying to figure alternatives to the flight from Rome to Dubrovnik. Ahhhhhh!!!
I couldn’t believe it when, half way down the street, the idiot on reception came racing out into the middle of the street, with me scurrying in the half light, towards the Shuttle but stop. He called and wanted me to pay the tourist tax!! I was gob-smacked. Debra- speechless- not a common occurrence. I screamed that it had been paid…idiot!!! He made some suggestion about a taxi…..fury drifted towards him and sent him back inside.
Running in the middle of the streets in Rome at five in the morning, I finally found the bus stop and no bloody John. He had missed the bus and found the most delightful taxi driver in Rome. We were going to be Ok. I did up my shirt and John tied his shoe laces.
We arrived in enough time to catch our flight, Easy jet to Dubrovnik. Everything was tight. Anyhow we arrived and found our apartment just off the main square, with a daily morning market and supermarket immediately outside our apartment. Fantastic. I think I love booking.com.
We have been here for an hour. We have been entertained by a fabulous classical trio (I had to buy the CD), perused the markets, had a coffee outside our apartment and now on to our second big beer at the Karaka. The game is about to start..

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